“Think Kamelot’s Black Halo on steroids […] Black yet Full of stars offers up a collection of muscular riffing fit for upper echelons of the soul-soaring power aficionado” AngryMetalGuy

“Every single song generates an air of excitement and interest to see what lies around each corner. The riffs are excellent and beefy, they orchestraion is tastefully and artfully placed and vocalist is akin to the great Henning Basse. Every song  builds with brilliant emotion and melodic thunder” Metal Underground


“A unique piece of work for these times: a fantastic world in which metal uses a merciless orchestral universe to wander a dark scene of storms” – LoudnessMagazine

Black yet Full of Stars has clearly shown that there is still some life in the old power metal serpent – ArchaicTriad

Black yet Full of Stars is a project born in 2012 from the mind of the guitar player Carlo Dini. He decide to start something of his own after playing for a couple of years with the guitar player Marco Caiterzi and the drummer Periklis Roussis. 
It took almost one year to find the band’s balance and sound: the essence of it was discovered with Carlo’s growing interest in orchestral music 
joined his and Marco’s heavy/trash guitar riffs.
The core of the all album was already set in 2014 but due to many changes of members it was not meant to be considered as “complete”.

Most of all Black yet Full of Stars could not be released, according to the whole band, without a proper voice, even though they had many great vocalist. 
David Scott McBee was that voice, and as soon as he joined the band at the end of 2015, the arrangements were completed and the album Black yet Full of Stars, named after the band, was recorded.

Black yet Full of Stars is the album every band release, eventually. The one that explains a  specific journey, and we like to think to Blackyet Full of Stars as that journey. That which everyone in his own way must take to grow from child to man.

This album tries to address those dreamy eyed children that feel constantly misplaced [01 Lightborn], and to explain the phases of their journey. The insecurity that  this world can make you feel [02 Golden Child], the  courage  to  face  your  choices  [03  Face  to  Face],  the  acknowledgment  of  what  makes you who you are [04  A Boy in Chains ], knowing what and who should be leaved behind [05 Lords ofSilence] and who to rely in [06 Every Great Man’s Ghost]. Whatever the reached conclusion is [ 07 The Last against the Wolves], at the end of their  path, when the storm is over [08  Tempesta], they  will get  to know  that  life  is  just as the sky they now can clearly see: maybe dark, but full of stars.

Besides the lyrics, we tried to make the concept of travelling clear also by letting the songs in the same order as they has been written, so Lightborn was the very first tune of the band in  2013 and Tempesta the last one, born in Rome on the last days of recording.

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David has been a vocalist for over 25 years, singing in blues, rock and metal projects. Born and raised in South Carolina, he begins his singing career when he was 15 touring with several bands until present days.
His musical influences are Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Ian Gillian, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Russen Allen, Glenn Hughes and many more.

CARLO M. DINI (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Arrangements)
Carlo started playing guitar when he was 14. He become interested in classical and movie soundtracks during his University years, and so he started practising piano as well starting Black Yet Full of Stars as well.
His favourite artists are Manowar, Angra, Peter Gabriel, John Williams, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, David Bowie, Katatonia, Opeth, Malher, Nightwish, Septicflesh and others.

Marco started singing and playing guitar in 1999 playing Metallica songs in tribute band. He played with Carlo in a small cover band for some months, and then helped him with the project Black Yet Full ofStars. Marco likes Metallica, Iced Earth, Primal Fear, Angra, Alterbridge, Iron Maiden, Labyrinth and many more.

Periklis entered the world of music with hard rock at the age of 12, listening to Scorpions. He started to play the drums when he was 16. His favourite artists are Angra, Savatage, Pantera and many more.