EPHEMERALD is a metal band from Finland, formed in the autumn 2016 by Joni Snoro (ex-Frosttide), Lauri Myllylä (ex-Frosttide), Vesa Salovaara (Vorna) and Juho Suomi (Apocryfal & Prayed and Betrayed). Their music can be described as straightforward, fast-paced, epic and melodic metal music accompanied by huge orchestrations and both clean and harsh vocals.

The band first started as Joni Snoro’s side project alongside his main band Frosttide. By July 2016 Joni had a few compositions in his pockets and he decided to ask Vesa Salovaara, the vocalist of Vorna, if he would be interested in doing vocals on them. The two of them had met and become friends during the collective gigs of Frosttide and Vorna over the years and Vesa said yes to the proposition without hesitation. Juho Suomi – a close friend of Joni and Lauri as well as an established drummer – had also offered his help with the drum recordings if necessary.

The situation changed quite radically in October 2016 when Joni and Lauri Myllylä (the ex-bassist of Frosttide) ended up leaving Frosttide due to insolvable personal differences within the band. As a result, Lauri joined the project as a bass player. Thus, a side project had suddenly become an ambitious, full-grown and fully functioning band, which was soon to be named EPHEMERALD.

Even though the band itself is new and fresh, the members have years of experience in the music business and have been touring and working amongst the finest. With joined forces and multiple new collaborators, the band was able to proceed very fast and entered SHED Studios (owned by their friend Juhamatti Kauppinen of Enthrone the Unborn etc.) as soon as December 2016 to record their first single – “I Bear Fire”.