IVORY is a Symphonic Epic Metal band from Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 2008 by singer Sergei Butovsky and keyboard player Dmitry Chernyshevski. In the beginning the band played a mixture of classic hard rock and progressive rock. But in 2012, due to musical differences, the band changes most of its musicians and starts to work in the field of more heavy and complexively arranged symphonic heavy metal with elements of prog-power metal. Soon the musicians start recording their first album, and the work goes on for about 3 years. In June 2015 a new track “Ulysses” has been released as first single, while in December 2015, the band finishe their first album which was named “Southern cross”.



Album’s central part is a conceptual trilogy, based on a tragic story of Robert Scott’s expedition “Terra Nova” to the South pole. The album is recorded in two languages: russian and english, and released as a 2-CD digipack by Rockshots Records on July 22th, 2016.

Album artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann, who worked with such bands as Nightwish, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Epica, Lindemann, Pain, etc. 
The band has a rich live performance experience. They are finalists of a local phaze of Global battle of the bands-2013, awardees of an international rock-contest X-Star in Brest, Belarus. The band shared stage with such bands as Epidemia (Russia), Chorny Obelisk (Russia), Mavrin, Leprous (Norway) and Dream Theater.

You can listen to “Ulysses” and “Vanitas Vanitatum” official audio tracks below: