S.R.L. ink a worldwide deal with Rockshots Records for the release of the new album “Hic Sunt Leones”

S.R.L. was born in Italy back in 1992 and their monicker is the acronym for “Società a Responsabilità Limitata (Limited Liability Company)”. The deep meaning of the name is both how the society has a limited responsibility in the daily occurrences and a tribute to the great italian rock bands of the 70’s (PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi, BMS – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, etc).

The music style is a powerful and fast thrash/death metal with lyrics in Italian language talking about everyday’s life. “Hic Sunt Leones” was an Ancient Romans’ motto to indicate the unexplored and unconquered lands. This is what S.R.L. want to do with the new album: exploring new boundaries of their yet unique style, melting the heavy metal sound with the thrash and death metal energy, allowing the listener to experience that mixture. The album is such a trip towards the unknown, while each song has got a different mood, melody and evolution.

“Hic Sunt Leones” will be released worldwide by ROCKSHOTS RECORDS on February 08, 2019 and its pure and genuine thrash/death metal energy, along with a solid production and a powerful tracklist, will sweep you away!

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