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Rockshots Records Signs Italian Melodic Death MANAM

Rockshots Records is proud their latest signing of Italian melodic death metal band Manam for the release of their debut album “Rebirth of Consciousness” on November 23rd, 2018. Formed in late 2017 by mastermind Marco Salvador, Manam creates a unique style that spaces on all the horizons of melodic death metal, changing from song to song and touching different genres, but always strictly bound to its main concept. Inspired by bands such as Wintersun, Opeth and Trivium, they create an immersive experience complete with custom stage clothes and decorations to go along with their mixing of extreme guitar melodies, power metal riffs, acoustic guitars, and powerful vocals (both clean and rough) supported by blasting and eclectic drums.

Their 9 song debut album “Rebirth of Consciousness” promises intricate melodies, a deep meaning and great story through the lyrics. Focusing on being dynamic and including the audience, they are eager to bring their spiritual approach to life, depicted through melecoholic and atmospheric music to new fans around the world.

Salvador explains:
“We want to only make concept albums so that the listener can immerse themselves into a journey, embraced by the atmosphere of the music, but still able to make her/his own experience, bringing with them the unique meaning she/he will find in our music. With our future albums, we’re also planning to expand this experience with visual art, some movies, and for the third album, we hope there will be a book too, to expand on  our visions.”

Track Listing:
1. Fallen Leaves
2. Supernova
3. Atman Denied
4. Innerdemon
5. Revelation
6. Total War
7. A Raw Awakening
8. Anam
9. Sahara

Manam is:
Marco Salvador: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Fabiola Bellomo: Rhythm Guitar
Marco Montipò: Bass, Backing Vocals
Nicola De Cesero: Drums

SOUND STORM presents new official line-up and European tour with HAGGARD

Italian epic metallers Sound Storm are both excited and proud to introduce the new members who have recently joined the symphonic metal band.

Now made up of 7 experienced musicians each bringing their own elements to the music, Sound Storm will feature two different style of vocals both of which are quite different from the previous singers.

Due to ex members’ quitting over the years (due to personal decisions), the band wanted something different than before, as they’ve been craving for something totally different from the past. Sound Storm is a continuous evolutionary process, and these changes are just the start of their (r)evolution.

The new line-up is made of:
Chiara Tricarico – Vocals
Andrea Racco – Vocals
Valerio Sbriglione – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Elena Crolle – Piano, Keyboards and Arrangements
Massimiliano Flak – Bass
Rocco Mirarchi – Rhythm Guitar
Mattia Rubino – Drums

Sound Storm know their fans will give the warmest welcome to ChiaraAndrea and Mattia as permanent members of the band both in the studio and live activities as they are immensely talented and will help the band reach new heights. The new members will have their official touring debut with Sound Storm in September and October alongside the mighty Haggard on the upcoming “Bards of Symphony and Metal” tour, it will definitely be a blast!

Confirmed tour dates:
Tue 18 Sep – Essen, Turock (GER)
Wed 19 Sep – Z7 , Pratteln (SWI)
Thu 20 Sep – Substage, Karlsruhe (GER)
Fri 21 Sep – Backstage, München (GER)
Sat 22 Sep – Hellraiser, Leipzig (GER)
Sun 23 Sep – Bi Nuu, Berlin (GER)
Mon 24 Sep – Markthalle, Hamburg (GER)
Tue 23 Oct – Szene ,Wien (AT)
Thu 25 Oct – Form Space, Cluj-Napoca (ROM)
Fri 26 Oct – Quantic, Bucharest (ROM)
Sat 27 Oct – TBA, Sofia (BUL)
Tue 30 Oct – Dom Im Berg, Graz (AT)
Wed 31 Oct – Dagda Live Club, Retorbido (ITA)

For more info:

The eclectic rock power trio SIDE EFFECTS ink a worldwide deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS!

The eclectic rock power trio SIDE EFFECTS ink a worldwide deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS!
The energetic eargasmic trio SIDE EFFECTS brings progressive arrangements enhanced with a fusion of powerfully delivered intricate drum parts, fierce bass, virtuoso guitars and poetic lyrics. Fronted and driven by Ivan Mihaljevic’s guitar-vocal-songwriting combo SIDE EFFECTS have released 3 albums so far.
In 2018 they are celebrating their first decade of rocking with a new album “Descending Rabbit Holes”!

Besides the numerous live shows in rock clubs, SIDE EFFECTS have played many big stages and festivals as well as being support band of renewned artists such as Whitesnake, Richie Kotzen and Paul Gilbert.

As a songwriter, Mihaljevic is now back to his creative roots. Carried by thrilling feeling of elevation, SIDE EFFECTS are transforming this new burst of energy into new songs. With the new album coming out soon, SIDE EFFECTS are ready to make an effect!

You can listen to the first single and Video “In the Shadow of a Crumbled Fort” at the following links:
+ VIDEO ➤ 

SIDE EFFECTS new album “Descending Rabbit Holes” is set to be released on September 28, 2018 via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS.

Available for pre-order at the ROCKSHOTS Shop


Italy’s keyboard virtuoso GABRIELS signs to ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of the brand new rock opera: “FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT 2 – HOKUTO BROTHERS”

Italy’s keyboard virtuoso GABRIELS signs to ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of the brand new rock opera: “FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT 2 – HOKUTO BROTHERS”
GABRIELS is a quite known keyboard player and musician based out of Italy, also active as arranger and session-man, who worked with some renowned musicians such as the well-known singer Fabio Lione, Mark Boals and the keyboard player Mistheria among the others.

“FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT 2 – HOKUTO BROTHERS” is the second part of a rock opera based on the japanese manga and anime “Hokuto no Ken” by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. Being a sequel of “ACT 1”, the second part of the opera moves on from there to continue the story of Kenshiro, one of the most known and appreciated anime characters of all time.
The record contains several special guests representing the characters of the opera: Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel), Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral), Frank Caruso (Arachnes), Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone). Beto Vazquez (Beto Vazquez’s Infinity)

The first teaser is available on YouTube at the following link: 

The new opera will be unleashed via Rockshots Records on August 31, 2018, while pre-orders are already available on the record label official store: ➤



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