Crossing Eternity is a Romanian – Swedish metal/hard rock band founded in 2017 by experienced musicians, who are truly passionate in the way they approach music.

Starting with the recording of their first studio album, “The Rising World”, the band members aimed for an organic, old school sound, rejecting the temptation of an over-produced record.

The adventure started in the summer of 2017, when Manu, band’s guitarist and composer, entered the studio with a new band in mind and a lots of good song ideas. On the way, the rest of the band joined the process of recording and producing, working until everything was well done, in January 2018.

Even if the name of the band is new, its members are professional musicians, with 25-30 years of experience on the battlefield. The band’s main purpose is to expand the boundaries and spread some magic!

“The Rising World” is set to be released via Rockshots Records on June 15th, 2018.

“Crossing Eternity” is available as first video and single! Watch it below.

Order “The Rising World” here.

The Rising World

Format : CD