ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is thrilled to announce the signing of the international dark metal band KARMIC LINK, coming back with their 3rd album next fall.
The band will mark a new milestone in their career by releasing a new strong record with a top class international line-up coming from Greece, Sweden and USA.

KARMIC LINK is the international bastard child of Stathis Kassios (ex-keyboard player of Sweden’s SYSTEM SHOCK and Greece’s NIGHTFALL), who decided after a period of extensive recording and live experience to give birth to a surrealistic event inside normal spacetime back in 2006. Evan Hensley (ex-Nightfall, Dark Hound), hailing from Nashville, Tennessee (USA), joined Karmic Link in 2009, taking up both guitar and bass duties. Kim ”Kimbo” Gustavsson is the nice Swedish guy behind the drums (and some extra guitars) currently based in Oslo (Norway).

Dark Metropolis