Italian fantasy power metallers RuinThrone will be releasing their new J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired album “The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” due out January 2023 via Rockshots Records to follow their debut album “Urban Ubris” and EP “Leaden Field”.

The album itself has been composed of stories inspired by Tolkien’s poems, his “Legendarium”. The band hopes the concepts they wrote can be “messengers” of reflection for their listeners, turning in a better awareness of their daily life.

Set to create an interesting narrative world, RuinThrone composes very captivating musical sections that are supported by complex and progressive structures.

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Release Date : January 13, 2023
Artist : Ruinthrone
Genres : Epic Metal, Power Metal
Format : 2023
Catalog ref. : RSCD157
Format : CD