ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is thrilled to announce the signing of the finnish metal combo SoulHealer, coming out with the 4th album in their career!

“Up from the Ashes” is the symbolic title of their new album, since the band is now back stronger than ever after a difficuly period.
SoulHealer play traditional heavy and power metal with no compromises, with an old fashioned attitude to the 80’s blended with a modern metal sound.
Catchy lyrics and unforgettable guitar riffs will deliver a perfect record to both the 80’s lovers and the new listeners looking for great melodies and easy-to-remember songs.

Guitarist Teemu Kuosmanen adds: Our upcoming album will be a killer! This is our fourth album and the first one with we have took enough time. The second ”Chasing the Dream” and especially the third ”Bear the Cross” was too quick composed and recorded. We didn´t took enough time to do the arrangements properly. Both albums include really good songs but I can´t stop thinking how good they could be if we didn´t had hurried with them. Now we look forward and the upcoming album has matured slowly and we have taken time to make arrangements better. I’m sure our fans will love he album. They will find something new but the soul of SoulHealer will still be there”

Next July 13 the first single “The Final Judgement” will be released, while the new album “Up from the Ashes” is set to be released worldwide next September 14 via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS and it’s already available for pre-order at the record label store: